Mayor John Tory Supports Marijuana Decriminalization

The mayor's bold statement could see a change of policy in our city

Yesterday, John Tory cautiously made a bold statement: He confirmed that he supports marijuana decriminalization.

The Star reported that Mayor Tory felt that the sale of weed could be characterized as “a positive step forward for Canada.” He didn’t wear a ball cap with a three branched plant on it, but he made his opinion clear enough.

Current legislation bans the sale of the drug in Toronto, but the city’s Medical Officer of Health is now working on a review of the rules, partly because of a major report from the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) calling for marijuana decriminalization.

Recently, a vote in Vancouver led to the licensing of the sale of medical marijuana, which could lead to a wider regulation of the cannabis industry. The results of the Medical Officer of Health’s review and the federal election, our policies could change too.