Mayor Tory Supports Effort To Rename Toronto Stadium After Rob Ford

Centennial Park could be renamed 'Rob Ford Memorial Park'

In what will surely be a controversial decision, Doug Ford has asked that Etobicoke’s Centennial Park Stadium to be renamed to honour his late brother, the former Mayor Rob Ford.

Toronto’s current mayor, John Tory came out this week in support of the proposed rename, writing a letter to city council urging his colleagues to honour his predecessor. “In light of his many years of work on football programs in Etobicoke,” Tory wrote “it is fitting that City Council should rename the football stadium at Centennial Park.”

Doug Ford has been vocal since his brother’s passing, criticizing the city for not honouring his Brother with a permanent memorial, telling CityNews:

“There’s never been a politician like Rob, good or bad. There’s never been a mayor that answers his phone at 11 p.m. at night and shows up to people’s doors…”

“There’s a stadium in Etobicoke, a small one that doesn’t have a name, in Centennial Park. We’d like it to possibly be named the Rob Ford stadium. He coached there . . . . He played, himself, there and it’s local. It’s a pretty modest ask.”

Rob Ford served 10 years as Councillor before being elected as Mayor died in March 2016 from cancer. During his term, Ford made international headlines when he was caught on camera smoking crack in one of his “drunken stupors.”

Image courtesy Shaun Merritt via Wiki commons