Mayor Tory Talks City Hall Plans to Boost Toronto’s Music Scene

February music festival among plans set to help local scene

Mayor John Tory unveiled plans aimed at boosting Toronto’s music scene at Canadian Music Week on Friday. Highlights from Tory’s opening remarks at CMW’s Music Cities Summit included plans for a Winterlicious-inspired week-long event.

Tory addressed the rash of venue closures that shook the local music community earlier this year, while remaining positive about the city’s intentions to help Toronto’s scene remain “one of the best in the world.”

“I’m optimistic that over the next 12 months, we’re going to see wins for the industry on live music venues,” Tory said in his opening remarks. “Nobody in the world has the diversity that we do on our music elite list. We also have more live shows happening on any given day in Toronto than almost any other city in North America.”

2017 got off to an inauspicious start for Toronto’s music scene with multiple live scene mainstays like The Silver Dollar, The Hoxton, Soybomb, and Hugh’s Room all closing or announcing plans to shutter operation in a span of weeks. Hugh’s Room recently reopened as a not-for-profit community-run space, while an array of reasons led to others closing their doors.

Escalating rents remain a major problem for many venue owners and promoters, not to mention the the high cost of living in Canada’s largest city which surely has had an impact on concert goers’ disposable income.

City’s hall’s plans to lend a hand are certainly a sign of optimism for music fans.