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McDonald’s Canada has launched a new menu item and no, it’s not the pizza

After teasing something last week, McDonald’s Canada has launched a new menu item.

On August 27th, the fast food giant took to Twitter to write, “THE THING U HAVE BEEN ASKING FOR ARRIVES 08.31.2021.” A Twitter user then responded, “Is it the pizza? Is the pizza coming back????” McDonald’s Canada then came back with a cryptic, “i can’t confirm or deny.”

BUT, it looks like it’s not the pizza after all. While pizza lovers may be crushed, McNugget lovers can rejoice, as McDonald’s Canada has officially launched Spicy Chicken McNuggets.

Chicken lovers can now enjoy the Spicy Chicken McNuggets at participating restaurants across the country. The item will be available in six-, 10-, and 20-piece boxes. The Spicy Chicken McNuggets are made from 100% seasoned chicken breast and breaded with a spicy habanero heat.

If you’re looking for some extra heat, there’s also a new Spicy Buffalo Dipping Sauce available to go with them.

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