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McDonald’s is bringing back Hi-C Orange Lavaburst in the U.S.

Almost three years after its removal, McDonald’s is officially bringing back everyone’s favourite orange drink.

The fast food giant took to twitter to make the announcement, sharing an email from their VP of Marketing alongside the caption, “Y’ALL WE DID IT. Hi-C Orange is coming back.”

The e-mail reads, “Nice presentation. Hi-C Orange Lavaburst will officially come back on the menu at all U.S. restaurants by this summer 2021. Please stop emailing me about this now.”

McDonald’s says that Hi-C Orange will start rolling out at select locations this month, and will be in participating restaurants across the U.S. by June. Starting on February 15th, you can keep track of where you can get Hi-C Orange with the tracker at McdFinder.com, where customers can use their zip code to find the closest McDonald’s offering the iconic beverage.

While it’s yet to be revealed if it’s coming back to Canada, Twitter users and McDonald’s fans are pumped about the new addition.

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