McDonald’s to open its first Green Concept Restaurants in Canada

Green concept restaurants will open in two locations in Canada

McDonald’s is on a mission to reduce its environmental footprint, and one of their many goals is to recycle guest packaging in every restaurant. The fast food hot spot is trying to be more sustainable, so their packaging for their products will be fully recyclable material. Now, they are set to open two Green Concept restaurants in London, Ontario and Vancouver, BC.

The locations will be at 1033 Wonderland Road South in London and 3444 E Hastings Street in Vancouver. These restaurants will have incubator locations in order to test new packaging options and recycling initiatives.

These Green Concept restaurants will still use a lot of the current packaging they use now, in addition to new items that have the potential to be permanent. The first innovations will begin testing in the upcoming months, which include items like a fully re-pulpable cup for cold drinks, new fibre lids, paper straws, wooden cutlery, and wooden stir sticks.

McDonald’s is aiming to reduce waste and offer sustainable packaging on a global scale. According to a release, there have been a series of immediate enhancements and changes in items like napkins, cartons, foam, small coffee cups and more over the recent years, and over 1,500 tons of packaging materials will be removed. “Our Green Concept Restaurants are an exciting new innovation as part of our on-going sustainable journey,” CEO John Betts explained in a release.

McDonald’s ultimate goal is to ensure that 100% of fibre based packaging is sourced from recycled or certified sources by 2020, and has promised that by 2025 100% of packaging will be renewable, recycled, or from certified sources.