Meet Google’s New Logo

Moves towards a simple, cleaner design

Not long after announcing major changes to the company, modifying their parent company to Alphabet, Google has introduced a brand new logo. The Google logo has evolved a long way from it’s debut in 1998, however this logo change is the most drastic so far.

Moving to a sans serif font, instead of the frilly serif font used in the past, the look is cleaner and modern. As well Google have changed the logo colours. Using a softer pallet and eliminating gradients (white blends), it gives a minimalist look. The new logo was unveiled online today through their infamous Google Doodles, which you can see below:

google logo gif

The branding change was partially to match more with their parent company Alphabet’s logo, but equally to show customers that the company is modernizing itself. It’s part of their campaign to distance themselves from the notion that Google is merely a search engine, rather than a complex, interlocking networking network of high quality apps (such as GMail and Google Maps). To learn more about the change check out the company’s press release online.

You can see the entire evolution of Google’s look and services through the years in their evolution video below:

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