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Meet Jon Brower Minnoch: The Heaviest Person Ever Measured

Jon Brower Minnoch Was Recorded As The Heaviest Person Ever

World records tend to change over the years, revising and updating with new attempts to be famous, set new standards, and make an impact. One super fascinating record, however, has not changed since 1978: Jon Brower Minnoch is the heaviest human to ever have lived. Ever.

How Much Did He Weigh?

Jon brower minnoch
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Jon Brower Minnoch’s health fluctuated a lot over his life. When he was 12 years old he weighed close to 300 lbs. In his early 20s, he was over six feet tall and close to 400 lbs. By the time he was 25 years old, he was around 700 pounds.

By 35, he weighed over 975 pounds, and was on his way to setting a world record.

One thing that was consistent for Jon Brower Minnoch was his rapidly increasing weight as he grew older. It was this marker that helped doctors realize along the way that he was going to be a very, very big fellow.

Who Was Jon Brower Minnoch?

Jon brower minnoch
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So who was this fellow who weighed so much and set such a huge record? It’s a good question, because it’s important that we consider his humanity and not just his weight.

Mr. Minnoch was born on September 29, 1941 in Bainbridge Island, Washington. The American Jon Brower Minnoch had a hard childhood because of his obesity. He had many doctor’s appointments and general health issues. Because of this, he spent much time in and out of medical care.

He married a woman named Jeannette Minnoch in 1978. The couple had two children. What’s fascinating (among so many other things) is that his wife was a very petite woman at 110 pounds.

Because of this, he also broke the record for the largest weight difference in a married couple because he was so heavy and his wife so small.

There is surprisingly little more information available about this man’s life outside of his weight.

His Weight Would Fluctuate And It Placed A Massive Strain On His Health

Jon brower minnoch
Image: @all_thats_interesting on Instagram

By the time 1978 rolled around, Jon Brower Minnoch was about 36 years old, and experiencing some serious health complications. He was admitted to the University Hospital in Seattle for cardiac and respiratory failure. It took over a dozen firemen and a very large and specific stretcher to get him to the hospital.

Once he arrived, he needed 13 nurses and a double-wide hospital bed just to be able to lie down.

While he was in hospital, his massive size prevented him from being weighed accurately. However, the doctors who were working on him estimated that he was 1,400 pounds. Roughly 900 of those pounds was excess fluid.

They put him on a diet of 1,200 calories a day, because his whole body was shutting down. Over the course of 20 months, he ended up losing approximately 925 pounds, which is the largest human weight loss that’s ever been recorded.

After this incident, he was in and out of the hospital. This was super challenging, as it took 13 medical personnel just to roll him over to change his linens. In 1981, Mr. Minnoch was re-admitted to the hospital after his weight went back up to 952 pounds.

Jon Brower Minnoch passed away 23 months later, on September 10, 1983, at 41 years old. At this point, he weighed 798 pounds. Sadly, Jon experienced a life of compromised health as a result of his yo-yo dieting and majorly excessive weight.

So, my friend, that’s the story of the heaviest man in the world. Now go for a light jog, have a healthy meal, and appreciate your ability to move around and live your life without the restraint of an extra thousand or so pounds on your frame.

Rest In Peace, Mr. Minnoch.

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