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Meet Lucky Diamond Rich: The Most Tattooed Person In The World

Lucky Diamond Rich has Got More Than A Few Tattoos

I was in a tattoo shop in Cabo San Lucas a few months ago and the dude doing my nose piercing had tattooed eyeballs. He looked like Satan, but was really friendly and sweet. I thought this was unbelievable… then I came across Lucky Diamond Rich.

Born Greg Paul McLaren, this street artist, performer, and world record holder is one of the most distinct-looking people you’ll ever see. Not only does he swallow swords, juggle chainsaws, and ride a mean unicycle… he’s also covered head to toe in tattoos.

Does He Hold The Official Record For Most Tattoos?

lucky diamond rich
Image: @bertomann on Instagram

Because of the wild amount of art on his body, Lucky Diamond Rich holds the Guinness World Record for world’s most tattooed man.

Lucky joined the circus at age 16. As he got older, he added so many skills and talents to his performances that he became very popular… very fast. That’s why he also went under a personal re-brand. He considers himself very “lucky” to be able to juggle a chainsaw, swallow swords, and ride a ten-foot unicycle.

lucky diamond rich
Image: Guinness World Records Website

So he changed his first name to Lucky. From there, he decided on Diamond because his friends call him a “bit of a rough diamond”. He added Rich at the end because he’s “rich in spirit”.

Becoming The Worlds Most Tattooed Person Requires Some Patience and Commitment 

lucky diamond rich
Image: @stil_kurir on Instagram

Not only does Lucky Diamond Rich have tattoos covering his entire body… he has layers of tattoos covering his entire body.

People estimate that Lucky’s spent more than 1,000 hours in the tattoo artist’s chair. And on top of his tattoos, he also has his earlobes stretched out, and replaced his teeth with silver veneers. He’s got lots of piercings, of course. However, nothing about him is more noticeable than the literal layers of tattoos that cover almost every centimetre of his skin.

lucky diamond rich
Image: @garethwmcconnell
on Instagram

Another commitment Lucky Diamond Rich has had to make is to stand firm with himself and his decisions. Different people respond differently to his body, and he’s had to get used to that.

He got his first “bodysuit” tattoo at 28. After that he started layering tattoos on top of tattoos. It’s this process of layering, as well as his patience and commitment, that has earned him his world record for most tattooed man.

lucky diamond rich
Image: @lisa.marie.brunner on Instagram

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