Meet Marvel’s newest female Superhero: Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur

Who wouldn't want a pet dinosaur?

This fall, Marvel is treating us to a new series featuring a female superhero and her giant, red, T-Rex companion.

In 1978, Jack Kirby created Devil Dinosaur, which featured a male companion named Moon Boy. This story will soon be brought into the current Marvel universe, but with Lunella Lafayette, A.K.A. Moon Girl.


The dinosaur’s preteen companion will experience feelings of isolation from the people around her, which is something the writers are excited to dive in to. Lunella will also carry a yet to be triggered Inhuman gene, which she plans to control once it hits her.

Co-writers Amy Reeder and Brandon Montclare describe her character as a “female Inspector Gadget, only this time she knows what she’s doing.”

The writers’ goal is to create a “Pixar-like feel” that will appeal to both children and adults, and with a story like this, anything is possible.

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur will be released this fall from Marvel Comics.