Meet the Photographer Who Takes Beautiful Pictures of People Through Windows While the City Sleeps

Beautiful pictures of lonely strangers

Floriane de Lassee’s photography explores what city folk are like when they’re alone, surrounded by people. At night, she sets up shop on high rooftops, and takes pictures of people who are still awake while the city sleeps.

“No matter whether it’s Paris or Istanbul. I do not photograph cities, but an imaginary City that inhabits each megalopolis. It is the product of the Man’s excesses, his genius, his madness. The City exceeds the overflow. She is about to devour us,” the French photographer says about her project, Inside Views.

De Lassee has been taking pictures of the city’s insomniacs for over 10 years, and had a book filled with pictures published in 2008. She was inspired while studying photography in New York, when she noticed she could photograph table tennis players in the rec room late at night from her East Village apartment.

Check out some pictures and a short video about her project below: