Meet Toronto’s Comedy Troupes that are Changing the Game

It's ok to laugh at them. They're professionals.

Comedy and Canadiana go together like Drake and cheesecake. There’s a rich history of our laugh-inducing exports from the shenanigans of Kids in the Hall to the creator (and let’s be real, the best cast members) of Saturday Night Live to Second City. Here are some of the best improv and sketch troupes marching the direction of the comedy game forward.

Baroness Von Sketch

These ladies are one of the best things happening at CBC’s hub for comedy, aptly titled CBC Comedy. On location in Toronto, the series explores “politics of ordering a coffee, to entitled coworkers and open relationships.” The core of the show is Carolyn Taylor, Meredith MacNeill, Aurora Browne and Jennifer Whalen; the writers, stars and executive producers.


Get Some

They’re the Traveling Wilburies of Canadian comedy with members of Picnicface, Peter n’ Chris, Tony Ho, The Sketchersons, The Second City and This Hour has 22 Minutes. If you’d like the idea of guaranteed controlled chaos, this is that.



PLAYERS (formerly Queen’s Players Toronto) is a not-for-profit and basically a keg party for musical lovers. Also, the band and performers drink during the show so the vibe begins to collapse into a healthy dose of insanity. It is all killer, no filler.

Templeton Philharmonic

Gwynne Phillips and Briana Templeton balance surreal sketch with interpretive dance, tied together with social commentary. You might know them from their CBC series Womanish, If you didn’t before, you’re welcome.


Weird Al Karaoke

It isn’t really karaoke and Weird Al will not be there, but there are hand-picked comedians singing their own parody songs. There are performances in Toronto, Vancouver and beyond


(Image Courtesy of Baroness Von Sketch)