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Watch: Melania Trump Rips off Michelle Obama’s Speech at Republican Convention

News outlets covering the Republican National Convention in Cleveland are having a field day following Donald Trump’s wife Melania Trump’s speech last night in which it appears she plagiarized from Michelle Obama’s speech in 2008.

Take a look at the side by side comparison below from Huffington Post:

Several lines from Trump’s speech appear to be lifted almost directly from Michelle Obama’s speech during the Democratic National Convention back in 2008.

Like any good plagiarist, both Melania and Donald Trump, along with campaign chairman Paul Manafort have denied the claims, chocking the similarities up to “common words and values” on CNN.

Naturally, the internet subsequently responded in hilarity, posting to twitter their favorite #MelaniaTrumpQuotes:

Compare both speech in full below and make judgements for yourself:

Image courtesy Politico

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