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Men I Trust share warm new single ‘Hard To Let Go’

Montreal trio Men I Trust are back with a new single, “Hard To Let Go.”

Less than a year ago, the band shared their lockdown record, Untourable Album. Now, they’re back with a one-off single. This warm new single has an almost cocktail lounge vibe to it, with jazzy piano riffs and hazy guitar lines. It’s a spaced out single full of rich instrumentals.

Frontwoman Emmanuelle Proulx’s silky vocals take the lead atop a funky bassline. Lyrically, she delivers lines like, “Hard to let go/ My friend/ You changed/ A while ago/ Estranged/ Pride stiffens like dough/ Closing in your cage/ Proud sparrow.”

Listen to “Hard To Let Go” below.

Untourable Album is a shoegazy collection packed with dreamy, swayable tracks. The record sees Men I Trust channeling a transportive sound. The silky guitars and smooth grooves are sure to take you on a journey, which makes sense as the album was written during the global lockdown.

“We started working on this album amidst the global lockdown and didn’t expect to be able to ‘tour’ these songs,” Men I Trust wrote on Instagram. “We wanted to take the opportunity to work on new and different material, without necessarily intending to play these songs live. We wrote freely, as if we were suspended in time with no external attachments.”

Since then, Men I Trust have been out on tour for a while now. In fact, today’s one-off single, “Hard To Let Go,” seems to be in celebration of that tour.

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