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Metal Music Is More “Popular” than Pop Music According to Spotify

Since pop music is constantly bombarding most of our ears through commercials, television, radio and so on, it would be a natural to assume that pop music is the most “popular” of the music genres, — especially over metal.

Spotify Insights wanted to know the answer to this question so they started compiling information about the loyalty of their listeners. To do so, they identified each genres “core” artists; the most popular artists of that genres on a global scale. They then worked inwards to the smaller artists and their respective genres. What they saw was the resulting table, and the answer is not what most would assume:


Metal music is the most “popular” genre of them all, and by a bit of a landslide. Pop music is second, but there’s a pretty massive gap between the millions of listeners Metal has over it’s mainstream opposite.

The reality could be that metal band fans have more loyal listeners, though not necessarily more. Perhaps “popular” music has less of a shelf-life when it comes to the longevity of listeners. Though it’s no surprise, metal fans have always been known to be “hardcore” and dedicated to the genre.

Whatever the reason, kudos for our metal-loving listeners. For everyone else, give Slayer a try.

(Image courtesy Kyle Gaddo and Jana Beamer via Flickr)

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