Metallica Came to the Rescue for Tribute Band Whose Gear Was Stolen

Blistered Earth has a lovely ring to it, doesn't it?

A Metallica tribute band called “Blistered Earth” were playing a gig in Oregon earlier in April when, after the show, they noticed their trailer had been broken into. Like most musician’s rides, the trailer was filled with guitars, amps, pedals, and drums. It was all gone.

How were Blistered Earth supposed to deliver …And Justice For All without the necessities? The band decided to take it to their Facebook page to try and find information that could help them recover their equipment.

Thanks to the wonders of the world wide web, actual Metallica proper saw their post and decided to lend a helping hand by replacing all the gear that was stolen.

Things went from bad to blessed for Blistered Earth in no time. They got in contact with their idols, Metallica, and most likely left with better equipment than what they started with.

We’re glad you got your groove back Blistered Earth.