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Metallica fan builds life-size Lars Ulrich toilet

A Metallica fan has made a life-size Lars Ulrich toilet.

Artist and designer Prince Midnight created the model-toilet hybrid. Midnight was in the news earlier this year after he constructed a guitar from his dead uncle’s bones.

Now, Midnight has made a Lars Ulrich toilet that sees the drummer squatting. In the sculpture, he’s waring a shirt with his name on it in the Metallica font. He’s also, of course, got a pair of drum sticks in his hands. The toilet is set to debut at Prince Midnight’s art show in Tampa, Florida on December 3rd. During the show, he’ll also perform a set with his guitar made of bones.

Check out photos of the Lars Ulrich toilet below.

“The Lars toilet,” Midnight wrote on Facebook of the Lars Ulrich toilet. “Installed and fully functional. I will be moving it for public use at heavy metal mecca, The Brass Mug on December 3rd as part of the @hellmouthplumbingsupply art show taking place in the bathroom during the @princemidnightx show. Be there! Hail Lars!”

Nack in February, Pince Midnight shared his guitar made of bones. His uncle Filip, who died in a car accident 20 years ago, had requested his skeleton to be donated to a local college for educational purposes. After the college no longer had need of the skeleton, and his family refused to have him cremated, Midnight got the bones sent to his home instead of paying for a cemetery space.

Then, Midnight attached a guitar neck, pickups, volume knobs, a jack, strings, and electronics to the torso. Thus making a fully functioning electric guitar. Needless to say the guitar is MUCH creepier than the Lars Ulrich toilet.

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