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Metric “Synthetica”

The new album from Metric, Synthetica, will be self-released globally on the band’s own label, MMI. Lead single “Youth Without Youth” tackles the topic of a fraying social state with bristling energy, lyrical complexity and a momentary breakdown guaranteed to get crowds jumping along with the song’s driving rhythm. “I’ve always wanted to do a song with the Gary Glitter beat,” says Metric guitarist Jimmy Shaw. Shaw produced Synthetica at Metric’s own Giant Studios in Toronto and at Electric Lady Studios in New York City, where it was mixed by long-time collaborator, John O’Mahony.

The first sound you hear on Syntheticas lead track, “Artificial Nocturne” is a pulsating, grimy throb. It returns as the anchor on gut-wrenching meditation “Dreams So Real”, as well as hypnotic morality twister and album closer, “Nothing But Time.”  According to Shaw, “That sound is the foundation of the album. Oddly enough, it’s actually not a synthesizer. It’s a ’60s organ played through a homemade pedal dreamed up by a local wizard who posted an ad on Craiglist. Together they set the emotional tone for the whole record.”


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