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Michael B. Jordan Buys Teen New Retainer She Broke While Watching Black Panther Scene

Here’s the story, an 18 year old girl watched Black Panther and when the shirtless scene with Michael B. Jordan came on, she broke steel and bit through her retainer. Honestly, who wouldn’t bite through their retainer watching Michael B. Jordan shirtless?

The story was then shared by her dentist where all epic stories are posted, on tumblr, and it went viral.


Sophia Robb, the 18 year old girl who broke her retainer, was mortified at first. However, she quickly saw the humour in the situation. When asked what she would do if Michael B. Jordan saw all the hype, Robb responded to Teen Vogue with, “I would scream. The idea of him even seeing the post is so insane to me.”

Next thing you know, Michael B. Jordan actually does hear of the story and offers to replace the orthodontics equipment, because he knew it was his hotness that broke them.

If all that isn’t awesome and hilarious enough, Sophia has an even funnier father who responds to her tweets.

In conclusion, the internet is a wonderful place where Michael B. Jordan can find out you broke your retainer due to how insanely hot he is. Ultimately he will tweet you, which will lead you to express your feels and your father will respond.

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