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Michigander | Forty Creek Black Box Sessions

A singer-songwriter from Michigan, Jason Singer is a staple of the Midwest indie scene. His musical journey began as a child, after finding an old classical guitar in a closet and teaching himself to play it. Learning songs by his favourite artists including James Taylor, The White Stripes, Rush, Oasis, Coldplay, and the Arctic Monkeys, he eventually began to earn a living performing cover sets at local bars and coffee shops.

In 2016, his independently released single “Nineties” gained serious traction and earned over a million streams on Spotify. He followed up with his debut EP Midland, and has since signed to C3 Records. Last year he released the EP Where Do We Go From Here. “This new collection of songs is about uncertainty, loneliness, friendships, mental health, confusion, patience, faith, and family,” Singer says. “It’s my narrative to ‘figuring it out.'”

“When people hear this, I want them to realize it’s okay to take their time, figure things out, and change their minds as they need to,” says Singer. “As I’m getting older, I realize how important it is just to take a moment to breathe. I hope I can give everyone that.”

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