Microsoft’s Photo Captioning Bot Has No Idea What Toronto’s Icons Are

Toronto broke the CaptionBot is the latest (and greatest?) software tech giant Microsoft has invented.

Not quite as bad as Window’s Songsmith back in the day which provided goofy backing tracks to people singing, this new software aims to provide a relevant caption to any photo. According to CaptionBot, “I can understand the content of any image and I’ll try to describe it as well as any human.”

While the A.I. does a pretty good job at picking up obvious images like animals and smiling humans, throw in a picture of iconic Toronto landmarks and CaptionBot has no idea what it’s looking at.

Take a look:


More like 53,000 chairs

CaptionBot really hates art

The Toronto Blue Trees


Ok, I can see why you’d think that

No one can describe this gaudy thing either