Millie Bobby Brown hints ‘Stranger Things’ will be back for a fourth season

'Watch Netflix, like, call me after this'

Rest easy, Stranger Things fans. Star of the Netflix series, Millie Bobby Brown, has dropped a huge hint that Eleven won’t be going anywhere, and neither will the show.

Last night on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, the host questioned Brown about rumours of the show coming to an end, which was sparked by her recent social media posts. Over the past few weeks, she’s posted several pictures of farewells, and many fans feared that Eleven was getting killed off or Stranger Things was coming to an end.

Luckily, there seems to be no need to fear. Brown’s response to Colbert shut the rumours down. “No! I’m just a very emotional person,” she explained. “When it comes to my closest people, like, I’m not good at goodbyes.”

She also explained that her posts came after the final day of filming for the third season of Stranger Things. “Of the season, not the show,” she explained. “The season.”

Watch the interview below.

After speaking about the show, Brown feared she said to much and added, “Watch Netflix, like, call me after this and be like, ‘You can’t say anything’ and I’m like ‘Okay, got it.'”

There is no release date yet for Stranger Things season 3.