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MISZCZYK collaborates with Stereolab’s Laetitia Sadier on new single ‘In The Dark,’ announces debut album

MISZCZYK is back to announce his debut album, Thyrsis of Etna out July 15th via We Are Time. In celebration of the announcement, he’s shared a video for his new single, “In The Dark,” which features Stereolab’s Laetitia Sadier.

The release comes as a part of Ontario producer’s Nyles Miszczyk’s project, and the forthcoming album will bring together a whole slew of musicians. Thyrsis of Etna is set to feature contributions from Sadier, Pylon’s Vanessa Briscoe Hay, The Space Lady, Marker Starling, Chad VanGaalen, Motorists’ Craig Fahner, Nigerian rapper, NAI and many more.

Today’s preview, “In The Dark,” serves as the album opener. The track features stunning, textured instrumentals from MISZCZYK alongside hushed, captivating vocals from Sadier. Put together by artist Jesse Yules, the accompanying visual comes packed shots of a day in the life of an eerie claymation figure.

Watch the video for “In The Dark (feat. Laetitia Sadier)” below.

“Process music really excites me,” MISZCZYK explains. “I love getting hands-on with the medium, recording to a four-track, then overdubbing slick-sounding digital efffects. Or recording a snare, dubbing it onto a cassette, and then back into my computer. I’ve even bounced vocals through a minidisc.”

Pre-order Thyrsis of Etna here or check out the tracklist below.

Thyrsis of Etna Tracklist:

01 – “In The Dark (ft. Laetitia Sadier)”
02 – “Bad Ride (ft. Chandra Oppenheim)”
03 – “Runaway, I Age (ft. NAI)”
04 – “The Garden (ft. Vanessa Briscoe Hay)”
05 – “Automatic Shock (ft. Joseph Brooks Organ)”
06 – “Led Astray (ft. Jeremy Singer)”
07 – “The Doorway (ft. New Chance)”
08 – “The Leaves (ft. Marker Starling)”
09 – “On Zuma Beach (ft. Corey Hernden)”
10 – “Nautilus (ft. Brodie Murdoch)”
11 – “Immediate Needs (ft. Simon Oates)”
12 – “Lunar Days (ft. Craig Fahner)”
13 – “Pantin (ft. Allumette)”
14 – “The Ecstatic Dance (ft. Bile Sister)”
15 – “New for Old (ft. Colin Lloyd Tucker)”
16 – “End Credits (ft. The Space Lady)”

“For ‘In the Dark’ I was inspired by 60s design icons Mary Blair and Ray Eames,” Yules adds of the video. “Both Blair and Eames had wonderful studios full of toys, textiles and furniture, that they felt inspired joy in the viewer. I think it’s every artist’s dream to work out of a studio as amazing as Blair or Eames, and to create work that makes the world slightly more beautiful. The animation’s narrative focuses on a designer magically manipulating the “colourful junk” in her office, and using the designs to transform her city. It was animated using the colourful junk in my own studio, with both stopmotion and digital techniques.”

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