Mitski is not quitting music, but is taking a break from touring ‘indefinitely’

Mitski is taking a hiatus from live shows

Japanese-American Musician Mitski, known for her indie rock music, made an announcement after her performance at the Summerstage in New York City’s Central Park, revealing that she would be taking a break from touring. The announcement had fans worried because Mitski said that this would be her “last show indefinitely.”

Luckily, she later clarified that she did not mean to quit music entirely. “Y’all I’m not quitting music,” the Be the Cowboy artist wrote on Twitter. Mitski went to explain that she needed some time off to set roots, find a place to live and really refuel so she can make music that she is passionate about. That her self-worth and identity has to be a priority at this time as she has been working and touring non-stop.

Check out the announcements in full below.