Moby releases new album ‘Long Ambients 2’ exclusively on sleep and meditation app ‘Calm’

It's available exclusively on Calm Music for the next 30 days

Moby has dropped his new album Long Ambients 2 through an exclusive partnership with the sleep and meditation app, Calm.

He dropped the album today because it’s World Sleep Day, and it will be exclusively on Calm Music, the app’s new music platform, for the next 30 days. After that, it will become available on other music platforms like iTunes and Spotify. “If all of a sudden we became a culture and a species where all of us slept well, we would be calmer. We would be happier. We would be healthier,” Moby explains in an advertisement for the new record.

Check out a preview of Long Ambients 2 below.

San-Francisco-based app Calm already has over 45 million downloads to date, with over 700,000 users and a five star rating.