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Moms and Snapchat: A Love/Hate Relationship

Snapchat is in peak form and everyone and their actual mothers are using it. Not only is Snapchat reversing the progress that was being made so people recorded video horizontally, it’s creating viral gold.

The real-time, face filters have been making teens look like year-long Coachella attendees with a crown of flowers, cute panting puppies and more. BUT, the real fun happens when they turn the camera on someone other than themselves; especially when that person doesn’t understand the technology.

Mom Freaked Out By Snapchat Filter

Mom Plays With Snapchat Filters

It doesn’t stop there fortunately. Seeing as most of our parents didn’t grow up with Snapchat, witnessing someone with a filter on their face for the first time can be a little jarring. That’s why we don’t blame them in situations like these, when they think something a little more serious is happening. Check below:







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