Moneris Reports Increase in Transactions Thanks to Giant Duck

The Giant Duck encouraged spending on Canada Day weekend

Moneris’ vice-president of financial institutions and partners, Malcolm Fowler, has reported that an increase in credit and debit transactions occurred in Toronto on Canada Day weekend — the same weekend that hosted Toronto’s Giant Duck.

According to Fowler, downtown Toronto saw a 13 percent increase in credit and debit transactions compared to 2016’s Canada Day weekend. Additionally, Harbourfront alone saw a 17 percent increase over last year’s weekend. Fowler referred to Harbourfront as “the duck zone.”

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“You see the spending holding up in the Harbourfront area throughout the whole weekend, and certainly that area had the duck and all of the excitement around that, all the flap around the duck,” said Fowler.

Tourism Toronto executive vice-president and chief marketing officer Andrew Weir pointed out that while the increase in transactions is probably not solely due to the duck, the giant installation definitely increased downtown Toronto’s exposure considering all the social media action that occurred that weekend.

“All the images coming out of the destination are this exciting, vibrant urban place, and that makes people want to come here,” said Weir.

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