Monowhales | Forty Creek Black Box Sessions

The Toronto indie pop outfit make their return to the Black Box

Monowhales last took to the Indie88 Black Box in April of 2018, and now they’ve made their return.

The Toronto indie pop outfit delivered energetic performances of their most recent singles “RWLYD” and “All Or Nothing” in the Forty Creek Black Box.

Recently, Monowhales shared a video for “All Or Nothing,” which was directed by Ievy Stamarov. “The main goal with this one was to capture the essence of our live performance…and break some shit,” vocalist Sally Shaar explains. “We also love it when artists sprinkle Easter eggs in their art, so we decided to add some of our own little treasures that reflect key pieces of our past.”

They brought that unbelievable live performance energy to their Black Box session.

Watch them perform “RWLYD” and “All Or Nothing” live from the Forty Creek Black Box.