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Montreal Just Passed A Controversial Pit Bull Ban

Adopting or buying a pit-bull in Montreal will be illegal as of next Monday, after the majority of city councillors voted to ban the K9 breed.

This new ban comes nearly three months after the brutal dog attack that killed a Montreal woman in her own backyard.

City council voted Tuesday in favour the animal control bylaw, which includes a ban on new ownership of pit bulls, and strict rules on existing dogs, insisting that they be sterilized and muzzled when in public. The final verdict was 37/23 in favour of the change.

Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre has given “safety” as the reason behind the law, stating,

“I have a responsibility as the mayor of Montreal to protect all Montrealers and to ensure they feel secure. The vast majority of them want me to take concrete measures.”

The law will include the following rules:

– Owners of dogs and cats must register their animals.
– The cost of an animal tag will be the same in all boroughs
– All dogs must be sterilized and microchipped by Dec. 31, 2019
– Any dog that kills another animal or person will be euthanized
– Dogs that weigh more than 20 kg must be on a harness or halter
– The maximum leash length is 1.85m
– The minimum fine for breaking the bylaw is $300, with fines for repeat offenders going up to $4,000

The news has caused a bit of an internet frenzy, with mixed opinions flooding various social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook.

Animal rights advocates were quick to form a petition, and have already collected an abundance of online signatures from individuals across the nation promising to boycott the city.

What is your opinion on the ban?

Image courtesy Mike Maguire via Flickr

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