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Montreal’s Pit Bull Ban Suspended Indefinitely, Mayor Intends to Appeal

A great victory for animal-lovers everywhere. Montreal’s pit bull ban has been suspended indefinitely, two days after it came into effect.

Last week, the city passed a controversial ban on the breed that sparked an enormous opposition from Montreal citizens, and echoed by dog owners from all over North America. The bylaw, approved by Mayor Denis Coderre, went into effect Monday and holds a requirement for pit bull owners to have a special permit, among other restrictions. Those who fail to follow all of the rules may be ordered to have their dog euthanized.

Luckily, a judge decided on Wednesday that the ban should be suspended to look over the Montreal SPCA’s legal requests. Now, the city’s push to ban new pit bulls is being setback yet again after Superior Court Justice Louis J. Gouin extended his temporary stay, citing the SPCA had demonstrated a “real and immediate urgency”.

In an open letter on his Facebook page and official website, Coderre said he was disappointed by the ruling, but won’t make compromises when it comes to safety. While he is open to making changes to the bylaw, he’s not backing down, stating:

“Owning a dog or cat in Montreal is a privilege, not a right. And it comes with obligations,”

Since the initial news broke, Coderre has been harassed on Twitter, being compared to Adolf Hitler and Cruella De Vil, with several memes created by angry pet-owners.

“To the people making photos of me with piles of (dead) dogs, I can assure you if you have a pit bull, you can keep it. But if you’re not fit to own a dog, you’re going to lose it,” he said.

Guess we will just have to wait and see.

Main image courtesy Sparky of via Flickr

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