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Moqui Marbles: The Mysterious Martian Stones From Utah

What Is A Moqui Marble?

Moqui marbles are iron spheres either embedded in rock or gathered in puddles on the ground in the western United States. They range in size from fractions of an inch to several inches in diameter.

The word “moqui”, which has a certain magical sound to it in the first place, comes from the Hopi Tribe and it means “the dead” in the Hopi language. The Hopi Tribe itself was known as the “Moqui Indians”, as named by early Spanish conquerors. Fortunately, their name was officially changed to Hopi in the early 1900s.

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According to one legend, the Hopi ancestors’ spirits return to Earth at night and play marble games with these iron balls. In the mornings, the spirits leave the marbles behind as assurance to their relatives that they’re doing just fine in the afterlife.

Moqui Marbles Are A Living Stone 

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Moqui marbles, also known as Navajo berries, Moqui balls, and Shaman stones, are called “concretion” by geologists. They’re composed of sandstone, cemented together with hematite, which is an oxide form of iron. Additionally, they’re surrounded by a hard shell of iron oxide minerals.

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Similar stone formations, known as Mars Blueberries, were discovered on Mars by the Opportunity Rover in 2005. The difference, however, is that the Utah stones are mostly sandstone. The Martian stones are pure iron oxide, also known as ‘rust‘. They are, additionally, an indication that there may have once been water on Mars, which means that there may have been life on Mars as well.

How Old Are Moqui Marbles?

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The sandstone that makes up moqui marbles is from around 180-190 million years ago. It was a huge sand dune field, similar to the Sahara Desert. This area covered parts of Utah, Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, and New Mexico. Also in Utah are these amazing Mystic Hot Springs you can’t miss!

Because of this, flakes of iron-rich minerals blew in from the surrounding area, and became buried with the sand of quartz. Eons later, the iron fused with the grain sands, which helped to give the Navajo Sandstone its incredible colours and texture.

According to recent research, the moqui marbles are no more than 25 million years old. However, those found on Arizona’s Paria Plateau are potentially as new as 300,000 years old.

Shaman Stones & A History Of Healing

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Cultures of the past claimed that the moqui marbles have mystical properties. Legends claim the the stones can protect you from false friends, fires, and floods. They also enhance fertility, according to some new-age specialists.

Mars blueberries and the moqui marbles are very similar. They are apparently a way to connect and communicate with extraterrestrials.

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Modern day therapies use the stones for healing. Because of their age and potential connection to outer space, they align energy centres, open energy blockages, and stimulate life force energy.

Where to Find Moqui Marbles

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As with most ancient formations in public places, it’s obviously illegal to remove moqui marbles from parks. They crop up in the Navajo Sandstone in Arizona, and also in Utah’s public lands. They sit, eroding from the spectacular white cliffs in Zion National Park as well.

But we’ll say it again: Don’t collect these rocks in the park! It’s illegal, and not cool at all.

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