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Morrison’s Quarry: 4 Reasons To Visit This Unbelievable Canadian Destination

Since 1941, the Morrison Quarry has been a must-stop destination for visitors and locals alike in the Outaouais and National Capital region of Canada. The Morrison Quarry is conveniently about 30 minutes from Ottawa, so make sure to check it out if you’re looking for a memorable day.

Morrison’s Quarry
Image: @the.weekend.route on Instagram

The Morrison Quarry used to be an active quarry specializing in the recovery of brucite. From there, it’s now transformed into a beautiful scenic recreation area visited by thousands every year.

Because of this, with such memorable activities, rich history, and stunning views, the Morrison Quarry will captivate your imagination.

Here are four reasons you should visit Morrison’s Quarry:

1. Scuba Diving the Quarry

One of the biggest draws to Morrison Quarry is the breathtaking (almost creepy) scuba diving experience. Watching this video was unreal.

Watching the video, I was overcome with a sense of peace and place. Misty, cloudy morning water, and these magical colours tend to do that to me. Therefore, as the divers jumped into the water, I could see that this type of scuba diving is very, very different than the other places I’ve researched.

A Totally Different Scuba Experience

The water is murky… but in addition to this, who says that water needs to be clear? In fact, I imagine that some of the best scuba divers in the world — the ones who are really serious about it — opt for the interesting murky waters.

Morrison’s quarry
Image: Reddit

The submerged plane has so many intriguing details, and because of this, there’s so much more mystery and thrill to explore on this scuba dive experience.

This lake in the Quarry is a world famous scuba diving training ground. 140 feet of depth provide a magical turquoise water. You can swim through intentional wrecks and get a good handle on wreck-diving training. This quarry attracts divers from all over Canada!

If you intend to scuba at Morrison Quarry, you’ll need to sign a log book showing that you’re PADI or SSI certified. Therefore, you’ll also have to pay a dive fee to access the site. Be sure to make reservations and find out more here.

2. Bungee Jumping at Great Canadian Bungee

Morrison’s quarry
Image: @greatcanadianbungee Instagram

The quarry is a separately run recreation area. Great Canadian Bungee stands alone, and offers numerous activities including:

  • a picnic area
  • a swim-at-your-own-risk beach
  • a beach volleyball area
  • a playground
  • a horseshoe pit

You’ll need to purchase a wrist band to access the grounds at the entry kiosk to the Morrison Quarry.

The Highest Bungee in Canada

Great Canadian Bungee is very proud of their position as the highest bungee jumping site in Canada.

Morrison’s quarry
Image: @greatcanadianbungee on Instagram

Their location, known as “The Rock” is located only 20 minutes from downtown Ottawa. Their 200ft jump is one of the world’s most spectacular and unique bungee sites.

Pioneers in the development of bungee safety, Great Canadian Bungee will of course use state-of-the-art equipment. They make sure to employ only the most competent staff to make sure you have a safe and fun ‘trip over the edge’ every time you go. Standards are high, just like the jump you’ll experience!

Don’t Be Scared!

If jumping from 200 feet above into the water doesn’t titillate you, you can come watch. Enjoy the scenery as you sip a cup of tea, yell at your friends as they take the dive, and feel the buzz in the air.

3. Swimming At Morrison’s Quarry

You can swim at Morrisons Quarry, and it’s supposed to be an incredible experience. The water is such a gorgeous colour, and the surroundings supposedly make you feel like a mermaid. Or a mer-man.

Swimming at Morrisons quarry
Image: @cam__shine on Instagram

WARNING: Please make sure to check before you go whether or not swimming is open to the public.

The Morrison’s Quarry Facebook page states that the beaches are closed to the public. However, this article also says that the beach is open for business to the first 100 people in the day.

Because of this, do your research, make some calls, and just ensure that you’ve got the most up-to-date info before you go to swim!

4. Summer Concerts & Festivals

Morrison’s quarry
Image: @greatcanadianbungee on Instagram

The Morrison Quarry is a super popular campground. Visitors and locals alike love this spot for the dreamy aesthetic, fresh water, and range of options and adventures.

The Quarry is home to concerts and festivals during the summer months. However, it does appear as though the pandemic has affected these events. It’s hard to find details, likely because of restrictions.

We’re sure though, given the environment, that a concert or a festival at Morrisons Quarry would be an epic experience.

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