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Moses Sumney, Son Lux collaborate on new single ‘Fence’ for A24’s ‘Everything Everywhere All At Once’

Moses Sumney and Son Lux have collaborated on a new single, “Fence.”

The track comes from the soundtrack from the forthcoming A24 sci-fi thrilled, Everything Everywhere All At Once, out April 8th. We’ve already gotten a collab from David Byrne and Mitski on “This Is A Life,” and now we’ve gotten “Fence” from Sumney and Son Lux.

“Fence” is a brooding tune that sees Moses Sumney’s dreamy falsettos at the forefront. With orchestral strings and atmospheric instrumentals, the track is truly haunting.

Listen to “Fence” below.

The soundtrack to Everything Everywhere All at Once is a whopping 49 tracks and arrives on April 8th. It’s set to feature an original score from Son Lux alongside contributions from Randy Newman, Moses Sumney, Outkast’s André Benjamin, and, of course, Byrne and Mitski on “This Is a Life.”

Check out the soundtrack for Everything Everywhere All At Once below.

Everything Everywhere All At Once Soundtrack Tracklist:

01 – “This Is A Life (Extended) ft. Mitski, David Byrne”
02 – “Wang Family Portrait”
03 – “Very Busy”
04 – “Vvvery Busy”
05 – “What Are You Thinking About?”
06 – “What a Fast Elevator!”
07 – “Switch Shoes to the Wrong Feet”
08 – “Nothing Could Possibly Matter More”
09 – “A Choice”
10 – “Chapstick”
11 – “The Fanny Pack”
12 – “Jobu Tupaki”
13 – “The Alphaverse”
14 – “The Mission ft. Nina Moffitt”
15 – “Deirdre Fight”
16 – “Waymond Cries”
17 – “I Love You Kung Fu”
18 – “My Life Without You ft. André Benjamin”
19 – “The Story of Jobu ft. Nina Moffitt”
20 – “Rendezvous at the Premiere”
21 – “It’s you… Juju Toobootie ft. Chris Pattishall, Nina Moffitt”
22 – “Everything Bagel”
23 – “You’re Living Your Worst You”
24 – “The Boxcutter ft. André Benjamin”
25 – “Send Every Available Jumper”
26 – “Opera Fight ft. Surrija, yMusic”
27 – “Dog Fight ft. André Benjamin”
28 – “Drummer Fight”
29 – “Plug Fight”
30 – “Pinky Fight ft. André Benjamin”
31 – “I Have Been Watching ft. Rob Moose, Nina Moffitt”
32 – “Somewhere Out There in All That Noise”
33 – “Jobu Sees All”
34 – “The Temple”
35 – “Evelyn Everywhere”
36 – “Evelyn All At Once”
37 – “This Is How I Fight”
38 – “In Another Life”
39 – “It All Just Goes Away”
40 – “Clair de Lune (Pied au Piano) ft. Chris Pattishall”
41 – “Come Recover (Empathy Fight)”
42 – “Your Day Will Come (Empathy Fight)”
43 – “Let Me Go”
44 – “Specks Of Time”
45 – “This Is A Life ft. Mitski, David Byrne”
46 – “Fence ft. Moses Sumney”
47 – “Now We’re Cookin’ ft. Randy Newman”
48 – “Sucked Into A Bagel ft. Stephanie Hsu”
49 – “I Love You”

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