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Most Torontonians don’t want a casino at Ontario Place according to a poll

Although the future of Ontario Place seems to be unknown at present, it appears that most Torontonians oppose opening up a casino at the city’s waterfront, according to a poll.

On January 18th, Doug Ford’s government announced they had a new vision for Ontario place, in addition to an Expression of Interest process that would open this spring, allowing developers to send in their ideas on how they could refresh Ontario Place. As part of the process, developers would be able to create concepts for areas like the Ontario Place islands, mainland, pods, and the Cinesphere.

Now, Forum Research has released a poll that revealed that whatever happens at Ontario Place, Torontonians really don’t want a casino there. The poll was based on a random sampling of public opinion through 1427 Torontonians above the age of 18, and it ended up finding that 8 in 10 citizens of Toronto say that Ontario Place is important to Toronto’s waterfront.

Additionally, of those people, half of them disapprove of a Casino at Ontario Place, with only 30% revealing that they’d fully approve. If the current government is considering implementing a casino, it seems that it will be a tough sell for the people of Toronto.

The poll also revealed that 71% of residents are unlikely to visit a casino at Ontario Place, with 58% saying they’re unlikely to visit the waterfront spot at all. Majority of Torontonians say they would approve of a Ferris Wheel, though, with 54% approving of one being built at Ontario Place.

One thing most Torontonians do agree on is the importance of public access to the waterfront at Ontario Place, with 9 in 10 people agreeing that it’s important for everyone to have access to the site.

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