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Do Motion Sickness Glasses Work? (Your Days Heaving Into A Paper Bag May Be Over!)

Ah Motion Sickness… The Destroyer Of All Good Adventures

Motion sickness glasses are a new invention that creators claim will virtually eliminate the uncomfortable nausea so many people get when on a boat, plane, or even trying to read in a car. The bonus? They’re hilarious-looking.

motion sickness glasses
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Motion sickness can ruin a car ride, a day at the theme park, or even a nice morning on a boat with friends. If you’ve ever had this awful feeling, you know that it can take a toll on even the best-planned day of your vacation.

If you include motion sickness glasses into your plan, you have a 95% chance of having a much better (less barfy) experience. Sounds like pretty good odds to me.

What Causes Motion Sickness?

motion sickness glasses
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Motion sickness is caused by the mis-match in cues that come from your eyes, your balance system, and the areas of your brain that sense movement.

What ends up creating the awful nausea, vomiting, dizziness, and lightheadedness of motion sickness is mixed messages. When your body’s sense organs get jumbled cues about movement and the world around you, your body can send off the alarms of a stress response.

In some cases, on top of the nausea and vomiting, motion sickness will also give you blurred vision, headache, or a sense of extreme tiredness.

What Are Motion Sickness Glasses (& How Do They Work)?

motion sickness glasses
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A French company named Citroën is marketing a super strange-looking pair of goggles. They claim their invention can eliminate motion sickness in 95% of cases. That’s a solid number to brag about, so it would seem that this contraption is quite effective.

The glasses, as you can see, look like swimming goggles, but for people with eyes on the side of their head, as well as the front.

However, the motion sickness glasses, known as Boarding Glasses, have a hollow rim around them, filled halfway with blue liquid. It looks like a bit much, really. But when you consider the time and thought that have gone into the concept, it all starts to make sense.

Do Motion Sickness Glasses Work?

Image: @jessi_hangsss on Instagram

Motion sickness comes from a sense of conflict between what your eyes see and what your balance system and inner ears feel. However, when you wear Boarding Glasses, the blue liquid moves with the movement of the boat or the vehicle you’re in. Because of this, they create an artificial horizon that calms your inner system.

In fact, put the goggles on at the first sign of those butterflies in your belly and you should be good to go. Around 95% of people tested say they noticed a difference. Because of this, it seems that these glasses could provide huge relief if you suffer from this annoying affliction.

Finally! The days of missing out on trips and heaving into a too-small bag on an airplane could be over. Of course exercise discretion and do your own research before purchasing anything. We hope you’re part of the 95% who get huge relief from these glasses!

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