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Motion to allow alcohol consumption in Toronto parks, beaches has been denied

It looks like we’re in for another summer without legal alcohol consumption in city-run parks and beaches.

Councillor Josh Matlow recently brought forward a motion to the Economic and Community Development Committee, asking them to consider implementing a pilot project that would allow people visiting a park or a beach to consume some alcohol, but the committee voted to refer the motion to parks and licensing staff instead.

This referral essentially denies the motion for the pilot that Matlow put forward.

Matlow had argued that the pilot project, which would have run from May 21st until Halloween, would provide Torontonians with equal access to outdoor space, as many residents of the city do not have a backyard. The councillor took to Twitter to reveal that the committee referred the motion to staff, “with zero timelines for it coming back.”

“During this pandemic summer, the very time when we don’t want people congregating indoors, placing unreasonabl restrictions on the use of our parks is cowardly, dangerous, inequitable, and wrong.”

The project would have required that the alcohol content of the beverages to be less than or equal to 15 per cent. Additionally, the beverages would have only been allowed to be consumed at city-run parks and beaches between 11:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m.
Lead photo courtesy of Jamie on Flickr.

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