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MuchMusic to return as a ‘digital-first network’

Bell Media has officially announce the return of beloved television station MuchMusic, which will be making a return on July 7th.

The station, which originally launched in 1984, is set to return as a “content-driven digital-first network” with a “youth brand” highlighting “creator-driven content.”

The new MuchMusic will still feature old favourites like MuchMusic Spotlight, Video on Trial, and Intimate and Interactive.

“With hosts and creators that speak directly to Gen Z and younger Millennials, the all-new multiplatform MuchMusic stays true to its spirit as a seminal brand with an authentic voice,” Bell Media executive Stewart Johnston explains. “Tailor-made for today’s always on youth audience, MuchMusic doubles down as the essential destination for music and pop culture content. We are so thrilled to offer up an unbeatable lineup of opportunities for our clients.”

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