Mumford and Sons Boycott Swedish Festival after Multiple Rape Reports

Over 40 cases of sexual assaults were reported at two Swedish festivals over the weekend

Mumford and Sons have expressed their concern and outrage after it came to their attention that several rape and sexual assault cases are being investigated at a Swedish festival they headlined on the weekend.

In a media statement posted this morning to the band’s Facebook, Mumford And Sons vowed they would never play at Bravalla again until the security measure is improved.

This statement was published after the indie-folk band caught wind of the horrific events that occurred at not one, but two festivals in Sweden last weekend.

Police are investigating five reports of rape and twelve reports of sexual molestation at Bravalla, and 35 reports of sexual molestation at Putte I Parken: a free festival in Karlstad, where the youngest victim was just twelve years old.

Police are seeking seven men in connection with the attacks.