Mumford & Sons Say Band Name’s a “Ball-ache” and Regret Fashion Choices

Banjos aren’t the only thing Mumford & Sons wanted to get rid of on their upcoming album, Wilder Mind

It’s no secret that the boys left the banjo behind for the electric-driven upcoming album, due out May 4. But that’s not the only change for the band. The new album comes with a new look; tailored suits, leather jackets, and denim.

Keyboard player Ben Lovett was the first to admit that he was not a fan of the way Mumfod & Sons used to dress. In a recent interview with NME, Lovett said, “I think it would be fair to say that we’ve noticed that in some of our old photos we look like absolute idiots. There were so many car crashes. We look like us in our photos now. I don’t even want to describe how we used to look.”


This wasn’t a marketing decision either. Lovett said, “We didn’t sit down and say, ‘Let’s wear leather guys’. Over an eight-year period you behave differently. You go to different places, you probably have different friends. You wear different clothes. We didn’t hire a stylist and say, ‘Let’s rebrand ourselves.'”

Their funny outfits aren’t the only thing Mumford get embarrassed looking back on. “I definitely regret the band name. If I’d known it was going to go this way I would have wanted to call it anything other than my last name,” frontman Marcus Mumford said. “It’s a ball-ache. We thought about changing it but it’s a bit late now.”

And there you have it.

Be sure to tune in for Your First Listen to Wilder Mind with Bookie and the band on Sunday May 3rd and 6pm!