Mumford & Sons “Wilder Mind” – Your First Listen

Watch the entire album special with Bookie and the band

At last, we’ve finally received the highly-anticipated third album from Mumford & Sons. On Sunday night, Indie88 premiered the Wilder Minds Your First Listen Album Special with Bookie and now you can watch the full video right here.

As you’ve heard over and OVER again, this record is sans banjos; their direction has shifted to less twang and more shine. It’s a beautiful LP filled with the same passion and lyricism you’d expect from Mumford, presented in a different light. Multi-instrumentalist Ben Lovett said, “We weren’t writing with a certain style in mind, the sound came after we had kind of written the majority of the record.” Frontman Marcus Mumford went on to say they didn’t lock certain instruments away, “it was more natural than that”.

Watch Bookie sit down with the band to take you through Your First Listen of Wilder Mind:

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