Music Fans In Their 20’s Versus 30’s

As we grow older, things change; even the way we listen to music.

A true music lover will always love music but, as you get older, that love can change in ways you never expected. Here’s the difference between loving music in your 20s, versus loving music in your 30s.

1. In your 20s, the closer you are to the stage at a concert, the better. In your 30s, a nice, comfy seat is always better than standing.


2. In your 20s, beer and concerts go hand-in-hand. In your 30s, a hot coffee from Timmy’s will do the trick — and help you stay up past your bedtime, too.


3. In your 20s, you could still line up for tickets to your favourite show and probably get a decent seat. In your 30s, you are at the mercy of the Internet – and shows sell out in 2.6 seconds.


4. In your 20s, you would check your phone during a concert for possible hook-ups or booty calls. In your 30s, you check to see if your babysitter has texted.


5. In your 20s, you bought a CD, went home, and read the lyrics on the CD jacket as you listened from beginning to end. In your 30s, you download just your favourites, and probably sing some of the lyrics wrong every time. 


6. In your 20s, concerts were an any-night-of-the-week activity. In your 30s, it’s all about Fridays and Saturdays. After all, you have work in the morning.


7. In your 20s, you had sexy dance moves. In your 30s, you think you have sexy moves. You’re wrong.


8. In your 20s, you showed appreciation for a band by lifting a lighter to the air. In your 30s, you use the flashlight app on your phone.


9. In your 20s, you turned your headphones up to 10 and stood next to the speakers in clubs. In your 30s, you catch yourself saying, “Does it have to be so loud?” You’re one step away from earplugs.


10. In your 20s, you jumped in the mosh pit and took a shot at crowd surfing. In your 30s, you steer clear of rowdy audience members. You have a bad back/knee/ankle.


11. In your 20s, you eagerly anticipate the encore at the show. In your 30s, you leave pre-encore. Doesn’t everyone realize how bad traffic will be?