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Music-Inspired NHL Goalie Masks

While goaltenders have used their masks to display some elaborate, dazzling artwork, a few have paid tribute to their rock gods on their lifesaving piece of equipment. Here are 12 such masks.

Bruce Springsteen (Ondrej Pavelec, Winnipeg Jets)

Pavelec – whose favorite Springsteen song is “Badlands” — will try to show who’s “The Boss” this NHL post-season with his unique mask. The mask’s opposite side includes the Born To Run cover photo.

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Led Zeppelin (Brent Johnson, Pittsburgh Penguins)

From the ZOSO logo to the opening words of “Stairway To Heaven,” Penguins goalie Brent Johnson loves the rock giants. Johnson also sported another mask inspired by the Physical Graffiti cover.


(Photo via Wiki Creative Commons)


Motley Crue, AC/DC (Niko Hovinen, Philadelphia Flyers)

Flyers goalie Hovinen didn’t last long in the NHL but had looks that kill with Motley Crue. One side included images of singer Vince Neil and Nikki Sixx while the other featured Angus Young from AC/DC’s Highway To Hell cover.


(Photo via Wiki Creative Commons)


Metallica (Jason Labarbera, Vancouver Canucks)

Labarbera had many music masks but this one has a snarling James Hetfield. He also had another with the St. Anger fist and 1988’s And Justice For All cover art.


(Photo via Wiki Creative Commons)


Alexisonfire (Ben Scrivens, Edmonton Oilers)

The band’s skull and heart logo is on the crown of Scrivens’ mask. Guitarist (and friend) Wade MacNeil said it was “one of the coolest things” that happened in his career.


Alice Cooper (Mike Smith, Arizona Coyotes)

It seems Alice approved this artwork. Smith, who had masks featuring the Tragically Hip and Garth Brooks, put Cooper on the back of his goalie mask, a spot rarely used for such intricate work.

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Iron Maiden (Chris Mason, Nashville Predators)

Probably one of the finest displays is Eddie, Iron Maiden’s signature mascot. Mason, who showcased many Eddie masks over the years, used the Powerslave era Eddie in 2012-2013.

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Casey Jones (Brian Elliott, St. Louis Blues)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles character Casey Jones was given the rock star treatment on Elliott’s mask. The Blues goalie had Jones playing a guitar and saxophone.


(Photo by Sarah Connors via Flickr Creative Commons)


Led Zeppelin (Robert Zepp, Philadelphia Flyers)

Journeyman Robert Zepp had no choice with such a surname! Zepp paid tribute to the rock group with a font similar to what Zeppelin used as well the “Stairway To Heaven” hermit.


(Photo via Wiki Creative Commons)


The Beatles (Andy Franck, Rio Grande Valley Killer Bees)

In 2009-10, Central Hockey League goalie Andy Franck brought Abbey Road to life with this great homage to the Fab Four.


(Photo by Les Stockton via Flickr Creative Commons)


Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page (Ryan Miller, St. Louis Blues)

Miller’s brief stop in St. Louis saw him revamp his mask to include the guitars of two rock legends. On one side was Jimi Hendrix’s white Fender Stratocaster while Jimmy Page’s Les Paul decorated the other.


(Photo Courtesy of ilovegoalies)


Kurt Cobain, Slash (Niko Hovinen, Oklahoma City Barons)

Hovinen makes another appearance here, this time honouring the late Kurt Cobain. But the mask wasn’t entirely a tribute to Nirvana as the opposite site included Slash.

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