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Musicians that Will Change Your Life

CandiceBlog_150x150Candice has made her mark in radio across Canada before coming home to Indie88. She is now a co-host on “Indie Mornings with Brian, Matt and Candice.”

I can honestly say that my life is better with Ray Lamontagne in it. I am genuinely sad for any music fan who has not yet discovered this incomperable artist. The passion in his voice and the incredible old timey raspy vocals just leave me in pieces. *I am having a moment here* Ray Lamontagne can do no wrong. Here are a few of his best!

I just got chills!

Maybe I am a bit of a romantic.

Okay last one for now……

I am also madly in love with Sam Cooke. He was one of the soul music pioneers in the 60’s and he was taken from us way too soon. His story is so incredibly sad. At 33 years old, Cooke was shot and killed by a hotel manager that said Cooke was drunk and disorderly…the death was later ruled “justifiable homicide”. Cooke suffered a deep depression after the tragic death of his 18 month old son.

Last but not least…Rodriguez will change your life. His story is so inspiring. To be deemed unsuccessful and then find out that you are “bigger than the Beatles” and not lose yourself is incredible. Rodriguez with or without the success in South Africa has a very fulfilling life albeit minimal. The movie Searching for Sugarman made me smile, laugh and cry. Endings don’t get much happier than this.

What musician changed your life?

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