Musicians You Should be Following on Snapchat

Oh, snap!

We’ve gathered a group of must-follow musicians who are more than worthy of about thirty to sixty seconds of your day. From straight-up hilarious, to exceedingly bizarre, we’ve got you covered. For more bands to follow on Snapchat, check out our earlier list.

THE ELWINS: @theelwins
Follow the Keswick, Ontario natives as they tour the globe, exhibiting astute overseas Canadian-ness, with waggish results.

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THE DARCYS: @thedarcys
Keep up with Jason and Wes while they get ready to share The Darcys’ new sound with the world.

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RIVERS CUOMO: @rivers.cuomo
Weezer frontman is still a pro at witticism and random logic; loves to draw and snap recording sessions.

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HOW TO DRESS WELL (Tom Krell): @htdwtk
Ethereal R&B singer. Pretty mellow on social media; for fans, his Snapchat is another portal beyond the mysterious façade. Worth the trip.

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A-TRAK: @atrak
World-renowned Canadian DJ; friends with a lot of pretty, famous and pretty famous people—if you’re into that sort of stuff.

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UNKNOWN MORTAL ORCHESTRA (Ruban Neilson): @ruban.nielson
Frontman for Unknown Mortal Orchestra. Recent caption: “Welcome to the questionable mental stability of the creative mind lol”. Nuff said.

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AZEALIA BANKS: @brujadelbloque
Brash, outspoken rapper with a penchant for chronicling general craziness. Also, tune in for random trips to the mall and vocal sessions.

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ARKELLS: @arkellsmusic
Max and the gang get into a lot of shenanigans while on tour. This account guarantees a laugh.

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FALL OUT BOY: @falloutboy
Guitarist Pete Wentz is mostly in charge of capturing the front and backstage antics; his most poignant and celebrated work, the numerous deadpan selfies, earns particular distinction.

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Norwegian DJ and producer. Really into cats; excels at capturing backstage antics which often features a roll call of celebrity friends.

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Indie88: @indie88toronto
Don’t forget to follow us for a behind-the-scenes look at what goes on beyond the mic here at Indie88!

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