Indie88 Premiere: Mute Choir Share New Single ‘Minefield’

New LP Behind The Bars coming soon

Freedom is a recurring theme in Toronto-based indie rock outfit Mute Choir’s music. Frontman Sam Arion was born in Iran and raised in both the overcrowded suburbs and isolated rural areas of Toronto, and his songwriting represents his journey of “discarding traditional pop and rock lyrics for deeper concepts of self-discovery.”

Today, Indie88 is premiering the latest single, “Minefield,” from Mute Choir.

“‘Minefield’ brings me back to being a teenager with extremely big ambitions but also a whole lot of self doubt to accompany them,” Arion told Indie88. “I spent a lot of time being afraid of failing at what I wanted to do, and focusing on the negative outcome as opposed to the possibility that maybe I could actually get where I wanted to. I regret those years quite a bit, because looking back I spent so much time wondering ‘what if this none of this works’ when I could’ve just been spending that time pushing myself in a forward direction.”

Listen to Mute Choir’s “Minefield” below.

“The line ‘every road here is a minefield’ is about that feeling of staying exactly in the place you are at the moment and not moving forward because it could just all just blow up in your face,” Arion continued. “Musically, the verse is meant to symbolize being distracted from what you really want. As the prechorus sets in the tone changes and is meant to mirror the introspection and self reflection on this reality. And by the time the chorus comes in, it’s the full realization of the weight of it all. Knowing what you want, but not knowing if you can do it.

“‘Minefield’ is a song about the fear of failure, and how sometimes that fear leads you to just not try at all.”

Look for Mute Choir’s new LP, Behind The Bars, later in 2018.