My DIY Christmas Tree

How to make an Indie88 themed Christmas tree

Every year I try to think of a new theme for my Christmas tree, this year the clear winner was an Indie Tree to celebrate the new station and my new job!

I will start with my standard mini pink Christmas tree (with 2 cats and a small dog, a regular size or a real tree is out of the question!)

The theme comes in with the decorations. All of them are handmade for this theme, or actual objects that I turned into decorations.

I found a bunch of cassette tapes that were old radio shows from the beginning of my career, when we still used tapes to record them. I think I just aged myself quite a bit. Anyway, I pulled out the tape to use as tinsel!


With the actual cassette tape, I looped some string thru the hole, tied it, and used them as ornaments. You can do this a couple ways… string through both holes so it sits horizontally, or through one hole so it hangs vertically!

Next, I cut music notes out of coloured foam. Punched a hole in the top, fed some string through to make musical ornaments.


I think its important to have an ornament that screams you. That’s “indie” right… for my tree I made cupcakes out of foam balls, cupcake liners and glitter.


A string of lights (I prefer white) to make the tree sparkle is always the best finishing touch!


Other ornament ideas: guitar picks, printing out pictures of your fav frontmen, using old atari games, CDs, concert tickets, and scarves as garland! Tell us your DIY Christmas tree ideas in the comments.