My Favourite “Love” Songs

These "Love" songs have one thing in common - being awesome.

It’s Valentine’s Day and you are either pumped or bummed so here’s a distraction. Instead of sweating nervously over crummy flower guesses or dinner plans, listen to these “Love” songs (ie they have the word ‘love’ in the title). Is there a theme here? Questionable. Are all of these songs awesome in totally different ways? Yeah dude!

Wilco-I’m Always In Love
Summerteeth is Wilco’s best album of all time and if you disagree I’m prepared to battle you in a burned out East Side Mario’s. Meet me at midnight, come alone.

Daft Punk-Digital Love
The French duo at their finest. When I talk smack about their newest record it’s because I know they can do songs like this. A flawless pop song in every sense.

Magnetic Fields-The Book of Love
Maybe the saddest song on this list, it also happens to be one of the best written love songs of our time. Heart-destroying factor: 10

10cc-I’m Not in Love
70’s classic from an wicked band that could never quite match the success of this hit. I’ve seen the sun come up to this jam more times than I’d like admit.

Teddy Pendergrass-Love TKO
If you’re an Alize sipping, stone-cold playa like myself you go straight for the R&B (R Kelly is your friend) when it comes to seduction. The Indie stuff is for kids. This song has been sampled countless times and for good reason. I listen to this while riding in my 64 Impala*.

*none of this has happened, I’m an old ginger but this song rules.