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My First Time Giving Blood

I donated blood for the first time during our First Annual Halloween Blood Drive. Reading up on blood donation was eye opening. The stat that blew me away the most was donating one unit of blood can save up to 3 lives.


When I got there, I signed in and a nurse pricked my finger to take a small sample of blood to make sure my iron was high enough to give blood.

Then I started the screening process by filling out a questionnaire, all yes or no answers, and all pretty generic, asking about travel history and medications and other things you would expect.

When that was all done, I went into a private room with a nurse to do the much more thorough screening. I haven’t decided yet if this person has the best job in the world or the worst, because she has to ask some pretty personal questions which someone like me would take great pleasure in asking someone. But somebody else probably would not. That might sound horrible but it’s not that bad. If you haven’t had a moment with a doctor/nurse where you felt uncomfortable, then you’re either not an adult, or a robot who cannot feel a very important emotion called shame.

After that I sat in the comfortable reclining chair and gave blood, which hurt less than the initial finger prick. The nurse told me the average person takes 8-14 minutes. I’m obviously exceptional at giving blood, because I only took 6.

And that’s it!

Another fact I read which surprised me was as Canada’s population ages, Canadian Blood Services needs about 90,000 new donors every year to build a long-lasting and sufficient donor base. ALSO, a guy giving blood at the same time told me that after donating blood, your tolerance to alcohol drops significantly. As the only grown man in the world to admit to being a giant lightweight, this intrigues but scares me.

All in all, I look forward to donating blood again and again.


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