My Morning Jacket to release vinyl single ‘Bring the Power Back Home’

It was originally released as part of 'Good Music To Avert The Collapse Of American Democracy'

My Morning Jacket was one of many contributors, including R.E.M., Phoebe Bridgers, Hayley Williams, and more, to contribute to the Good Music To Avert The Collapse Of American Democracy compilation earlier this month. Now, the track they contributed, which is called “Bring The Power Back Home,” is getting a stand-alone release.

The band is set to release that single, in addition to an acoustic version of the track on a 7-inch vinyl single. The limited release will only feature 2,020 copies, and it will coincide with Voter Registration Day.

“‘Bring The Power Back Home’ is about taking control of your own destiny,” frontman Jim James explains, “reclaiming one’s personal power in an effort to bring positive change back to our lives, even if it seems that the good in the world is slipping out of our grasp. Positive change and progress is still possible. One of the best ways we can reclaim and use our power for good right now is to VOTE like our lives depend on it, because they do.”

You can preorder the 7-inch here, and all proceeds will go toward voter participation advocacy group Fair Fight.