Mysterious Ad Confirms new Coldplay Album

With a new interactive timeline feature on the band's website

Coldplay just confirmed any speculation about a new album coming soon.

A couple days ago, a London fan posted a picture of Twitter of a mysterious advertisement found in a subway station that identified something as coming out “December 4th”.

Fans were VERY quick to notice that the image looks an awful lot like one that was on Chris Martin’s shirt at Global Citizen fest this past fall, as NME points out.

Today thehe band took to Twitter (Nov. 2nd), posting the same image. This either confirms the rumors, or just shows that the band is great at trolling the internet. We’ll put our money on the former.

Coldplay also pointed to a new timeline feature on the band’s website, which is an interactive new way at looking at their complete past over nearly 20 years. Check their website here to see it.